Hexametal international analysis, advices, on-site training


By its own laboratory, HEXAMETAL also propose analysis and advice on any Tungsten-Carbide material.

A finished part made made by sintering, is the result of a long and complex process. Problems met at use can be directly link to defaults in the process of elaboration,


  • Identification of grade made of Tungsten Carbide or other alloy with Tungsten.-Control of compliance with ISO standards.
  • Identification of possible anomaly at the level of the structure (carbon free, fragile phase or residual porosity).
  • Granulometry for verification of the size of grains and of the homogeneity of their distribution.


The performances of a part being also linked to its application, our diagnostic is established on the partnership with the technicians and engineers of our customers for leading to an action of advice on:

  • The choice of grade made of Tungsten Carbide adapted to specific need.
  • An optimum method of assembly of the part made of Tungsten Carbide on the steel or on other materials.
  • The machining and grinding of the part made of Tungsten Carbide.


  • Complete diagnostic of the technical characteristics of part made of Tungsten Carbide:
  • Preparation of the sample: grinding, polishing, chemical attack of the surface.
  • Determination of the density: ISO Standard 3369
  • Vickers hardness test HV50: ISO Standard 3878
  • Macrographic examination, enlargement x20.
  • Metallographic determination of the porosity A and B, and of the carbon not combined C, enlargement x200 : ISO Standard 4505
  • Metallographic determination of the microstructure, enlargement x 2000: ISO Standard 4499
  • Research of the fragile phases and of the traces of impurity.


Our program of training fulfills a need of the users of hard metals, particularly of Tungsten Carbide.

Our program has a double objective :

  • Support the users to know the product better and master its performance facing the applications that are more and more diversified.
  • Give a concrete explanation of the different phenomena that can be encountered.